Jiu Jitsu gold win in California

Canmore’s Morgan Bateman took home Gold from the World’s International Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Novice Championship in Long Beach, California on May 31.

Bateman competed in the feather weight class, 155 lbs, and weighted in at 154.5 lbs in California.


The 21 year old, who lives and works full time as a carpenter at Danny Wood Construction in Canmore, said he is happy with his win in California.

Bateman moved in with a friend in Calgary for two months to train on his jiu-jitsu twice a day at a gym called Alavanca.

“I want to travel the world and compete in jiu jitsu and Mixed Marital Arts (MMA). MMA is in my goal for the near future. The only reason I started jiu jitsu was to learn the ground work so I can transfer it to MMA,” said Bateman.

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