The Dice Cubes ready to roll into Stony Plain

They will be taking to Moonshiners Oct. 19, are currently working on a new album and began, like many bands do, through the simplest of means.

The Dice Cubes are a rockabilly band from Edmonton and will be playing a show at Moonshiners in Stony Plain Oct. 19. Jan Pastucha

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Tim Resaul and his bandmates have no delusions of grandeur about the work that they do.

This was the message the drummer for Edmonton’s The Dice Cubes conveyed ahead of their upcoming performance in Stony Plain. They will be taking to Moonshiners Oct. 19, are currently working on a new album and began, like many bands do, through the simplest of means.

“We met through Kijiji,” Resaul said. “We started playing, formed our rockabilly base and are now trying to break out of that mold a bit.”

Resaul, lead singer-songwriter James Harapiak, guitarist Dawson Walker and Andrew Cook have been playing together since 2016. They have created two albums to date. One was a freshman and narrowly distributed work called Too Square to Roll while their sophomore release was titled Get Lucky. The latter piece had industry experts out of Edmonton involved in its production. They were a joy for the band to work with.

“Gavin Dunn was on it and we worked in a basement,” Resaul said. “Then Doug Organ at Edmontone Studio mastered it. They are superstars, we were really pleased to work with them and it felt like our first real recording for this band. The final results were quite impressive to us.”

The Dice Cubes consist of lead singer James Harapiak, guitarist Dawson Walker, Andrew Cook and drummer James Resaul. Dave Luxton

They have also crossed paths with other bands in their space, like The Confusionaires, and been given the opportunity to open for genre legends. Two years ago, they shared a stage with The Reverend Horton Heat at The Starlite Room in Edmonton. This is the stage name of American musician Jim Heath. Heath is considered “the godfather of modern rockabilly,” and his work has been in films as well as games.

“That was really fun,” Resaul said. “It was probably our biggest show so far.”

Key influences on their content include Chuck Berry, Little Richard and Gene Vincent. They are currently remastering their first record and creating a new one with new material as well. When they sit down to craft new songs, Harapiak and Walker usually develop lyrics and then take what they make to Resaul and Cook to collaborate further. They intend to continue on with this style, experiment when they can and will put out this content for those who come and see them at Moonshiners in an enthusiastic and easy to dance to fashion for the attendees.

“There is not a lot of angst involved, it is just rock and roll,” Resaul said. “We are enjoying playing and what may come out will come.”

The Dice Cubes show at Moonshiners begins at 9 p.m.